First things first: PALLET FURNITURE!! Part uno


My boyfriend, Carey, and I have just recently purchased and moved into a new house. It’s fabulous! After being jailed in my last apartment, unable to do hardly ANY projects, I’m going absolute ape-shiz. In less than a month I’ve managed to make a pallet sectional sofa for the patio, a table for the entry way, and an ottoman for the living room along with unpacking and organizing the extremely large number of boxes we moved in here. I’m seriously wondering how we fit so much stuff into our tiny little apartment. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I didn’t take a lot of pictures with these projects, but I do have finished products and can explain how I made them and what other tutorials or pictures I used as guidelines.

I’ve seriously become a she-man with all the power tools I’ve used and battle wounds I’ve gotten. And because of feeling like a she-man, I cut four inches off my hair today, got a pedicure, and did an at-home facial. Because it was just one of those days. I digress.

Ok, now for the pallet sectional. The ever-coveted pallet sectional. I searched all corners of the internet for a good pallet sectional tutorial. NOT ONE SINGLE tutorial was what I wanted. My idea was a regular sofa, on caster wheels, with arm rests, with a chaise part that rolled away and could be a separate piece. I needed backs on the sofa as well because I didn’t have a wall to lean the pallets against for a back. All the pictures or tutorials included a back and side that were as tall as the pallets were wide. No thanks.

I recruited one of my very best friends, who just so happens to be an architect, to help. She then discussed the project with her boyfriend, who also happens to be an architect. He volunteered himself, thank God. I’m not sure how raunchy it would have turned out without him. Thanks, David!

Anyway, I found lots of pallets in my unfinished neighborhood and we put them all in the yard to decide exactly how this was going to work. We chose which ones for backs and which ones for bases. We made a list for Lowe’s.

All in all, it took about 5 or so hours for the whole thing. I’m super impressed with how it came out. After we were done, adult beverages were much needed and deserved. It’s way hot outside.

The next day, I sanded and stained the whole thing. The day after that, I sanded some of the stain off (I like the vintage-y, old look) and sealed it. I ordered some foam and fabric and am in the middle of making cushions and pillows, too. I’m SO excited and can’t wait for it to be done. It’s going to be so cute! Seriously, outdoor furniture is way too expensive.

ImageHere’s my wonderful stepdad, Ed, lifting up those super heavy pallets for me!

ImageLaying the pallets out to see how big they really are. They’re bigger than you think. Trust me.

ImageThe wonderful Chandler and David stacking the pallets. Originally, I wanted two stacks, but after the wheels were put on and we thought about cushion height, it was way too high. So one pallet it was. Which made for less work, too! We attached 2×4’s to the bottom of the pallets and screwed the caster wheels into them that way.

ImageWe cut the pallets about 3/4 of the way to make the backs and attached them on top of the base. The chaise part was made the same way the base was. One pallet with a 2×4 on each side with 4 wheels on the bottom.


I had two old pieces of a sectional my dad had given me a million years ago that we sort of used as a guide. I recovered these to match, but that’s another post. Anyway, this is it, pretty much done. We used the reminder from the backs and attached to the sides as armrests. Theres also a 2×4 cut to fit on top of the armrests and the top of the sofa itself for stability. Pretty damn good if I say so myself!

ImageSo, this is it completely built. We cut plywood into cushions and I plan on making three cushions for the sofa part and one big one for the chaise part. EEEEEEKKKK!!!

Check out the other parts to this tutorial!

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4 thoughts on “First things first: PALLET FURNITURE!! Part uno

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  3. can you tell me the dimensions on this ? id like to build one but want to be sure I would fit on my screened in porch first !

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