I built a table. I literally built a table out of wood.

ImageI still can’t believe I made this super cute entry table yesterday. ALL BY MYSELF. I saw a picture online of a table similar to this one, that was mint green. I thought to myself, “I can totally build that”. So I did.

We recently moved and I seriously can’t fathom spending $100+ on a little table to put in the entryway.

I also just bought some power tools to go with the ones my mom and stepdad had gotten me for Christmas. I bought an electric sander and a skill saw. Luckily, I did not lose any limbs in this process. Although, maybe I need supervision next time.

Basically, all I did was build a square and put a piece of plywood on top. I went to Lowe’s to get some wood and was going to get them to cut it down for me because I can’t fit a super long piece in my car. Their saw was “broken” :(. Luckily, without the help of the employees, I found that they have pre-cut wood! Awesome for me! So I picked two pieces of 1x8x4 Poplar wood (??) and three pieces of 1x4x4 pieces of Poplar wood.

I made a square with the skinnier pieces, cut them to size and attached them with screws. Then I cut a pieces of plywood to the exact size of the two larger pieces of Poplar. (Is that even a type of wood? I can’t remember.) Anyway, I then attached the plywood to the square of Poplar wood from the top. Then I flipped it over and attached the two bigger pieces of Poplar wood to the plywood from the bottom so you couldn’t see an screws from the surface of the table. At this point, it’s a sandwich. Square of poplar wood on the bottom, piece of plywood in the middle, then the two larger pieces of poplar on the top. I also bought some screw-on legs for this table.

After everything was assembled (not screwing in the legs), I sanded the edges and the top of the table and stained it. I used Olympic “Weathered Barnboard” stain. It’s a semi-transparent stain and I used two coats. I love it because it looks old and weathered, and grey. I love grey! I also dry-brushed a little bit of a flat grey (which looks more white) to give it a little more of an aged look.

The table isn’t THAT sturdy, but no big. I’m still very proud!



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