New (old) furniture

Since we just moved, I’m in the market for a buffet/dresser/long skinny piece of furniture to put in our open-concept living/dining room. There’s this fabulous antique store/market/place close by that I went peek in today called Rooster’s Antique Market. I saw a few things that I think I might absolutely need.

My dad always said I have a problem differentiating “need” and “want”.

Anyway, here are some pics of my favorites.



I also saw a couple other pieces that I need/want. I can picture them in my house right now. Sigh.

ImageHello! How gorgeous is this???!!!!!!! I NEED.

ImageThis pie safe is from the 1800s. How cool would that be to have this in your house? I love it! I NEED.


2 thoughts on “New (old) furniture

    • Totally bargains! I don’t think any of the dressers/buffet pieces were more than $350 ish. The pie safe was a little more since it was so old. I just can’t decide! They get new stuff all the time so I’ll keep my eye out.

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