DIY Beerpong Table

Image“Baton Rouge is a drinkin’ town with a football problem.”

Not a single other statement in the history of the world rings more true. We take our tailgating very seriously down here, and so, I began the process of making the coolest, most awesomest beer pong table that ever lived!

Thanks to my handy Dad, it all came together. I painted it myself. Unfortunately, this was from last season, and the legs have fallen off. Let’s just say she lived a good life and served her purpose. (I’ll just put some new legs on her and she’ll live once again!)


My dad was really the brains behind this project. I had no idea what was going on and was only there for support (since he was making it for me).

ImageThe legend himself.


Originally, I had wanted the table to come apart in the middle, so he made two halves that fit into each other and legs that were removable with bolts. I really can’t explain what he did (because I was just there for support), but I have a few pictures to try and help.

ImagePre-sanded, pre-painted. She was very hard to fit in my trunk.

Once she was ready to paint, I found a very cool LSU tiger head picture. I printed it out using a poster setting, taped the paper together, cut it out using an exacto-knife, and made a stencil. Notice it says ‘Geaux LSU’ in the tiger’s mane? How cool?!



ImageI kept painting, filling in the stencil. I used about two coats of regular, ole’ acrylic paint for the white. *The purple and yellow were official collegiate colors.


After I was done painting this part, I added two stripes down the sides using painters tape. I put two coats of polyurethane to protect her from all the future beers that would be spilled in the name of all that is holy.

She even made it into a Sports Illustrated Twitter! Although, I somehow lost the link in all the fun of tailgating ;).

So new legs for my girl and a new football season to dominate! T-I-G-E-R-S TIGERS!


No red party cups here!


Trying to look cute while sweating out every drop of liquid you put in your body is hard. Did I mention it’s as hot as hades in southern Louisiana? Oh, and in Death Valley, it never rains.

*You can get the official collegiate team color paint from Lowe’s.


forever lsu!


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