DIY Upholstered Headboard (2 Different Kinds)


About a year ago, while still living in my tiny apartment, I needed a new headboard. I for sure wasn’t about to pay $$$ for a new one. Enter; Pinterest. I found the most amazing tutorial here. I’m in love with her bedroom. Completely. Utterly. In love.

Anyway, so what I did with my limited budget, limited tools, and limited car and building space, I went to Lowe’s. I figured out the measurements of the plywood and had them cut it to size. Then I had them cut the legs off and the headboard piece in half so it could fit in the trunk of my car. This gave me four pieces.

At Lowe’s, along with one sheet of 1/4 inch plywood, I also bought:

-flat brackets



-2-3 yards of fabric

-a roll of upholstery tacks

Hobby Lobby


-2 inch thick foam

-No sew hem tape

Other tools

-staple gun

-needle nose pliers

-screw driver or drill


-a friend to help

Basically, I followed this tutorial minus the more intricate cutting at the top of the headboard. I attached all the pieces that were cut for me using the flat brackets. Then, we secured the foam about 2 inches from the edge using the batting. We wrapped the batting tightly around the entire piece using the staple gun to secure it.

After that, we wrapped the fabric, being careful to keep the most fabulous ikat pattern straight.

And, I also used the roll of upholstery tacks because we tried so hard to nail in singular ones. I bent every. single. one. So I gave up and went buy the roll where you nail in every 5th tack. Still pretty to me!

Also, still following the other tutorial, we “finished” the edges with the scrap fabric. We ironed them and attached to the edges of the headboard to give it a more finished look.


Getting the plywood cut to size.


All the cut pieces (plus the extra for more projects!) fitting nicely in the back of my car.


The finished piece in my living room.


Oops, I forgot to make my bed. Oh well, the world’s not going to end.


We ALSO made a DIY headboard for my helper friend. For hers, we used three open back frames from Hobby Lobby (50% off), about 2-3 yards of fabric, batting, and matte board.


I want to say these frames are 12×18 but I’m really not sure. Anyway, how cute are these?

We placed the frames face down, then the fabric (which we cut to fit), batting, and then matte board (which we also cut to fit). We used the staple gun to attach everything. We added the little picture hangers on the backs so she could hang them up behind her bed. LOVE the fabric choices!


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