Pallet Furniture: Part Tres – Finally Complete!


I woke up early today, washed Carey’s scrubs since he’s on call this weekend (I’m a good girlfriend like that), and finished the cushions for the pallet sectional. I had already finished the pillows, so all that was left were the cushions. Originally, I was going to make covers for each cushion but eventually decided to just upholster separate sheets of plywood instead. I really like how they came out!

You can find the other parts to this tutorial here, and here.


So first, I layed the cushions out to make sure they fit. I ordered them and had them cut to size from The Foam Factory. I had been looking for a while before I even started the project and they had foam the cheapest I could find. I ordered 4 inch thick foam that was suitable for everyday use. It’s pretty firm, but comfortable.


Next, I laid batting on top of each cushion. I had batting left over from other projects and just used that. I had to sew some pieces together to make big enough sheets to cover some of the cushions. Burt was being my helper today.


I know what my next project is going to be: a dog bed!



Next, I layered the canvas fabric, the batting, the foam, and the plywood down on the floor. I made sure there was enough fabric to wrap around the whole piece to staple to the wood, and then trimmed the edges.



After that, I made sure to pull the fabric tightly and staple around the edges. The corners, I sort of tucked in to make a straight edge. And that’s it! Time to lounge!






These are the other two chairs that I recovered so they’ll match the pallet sectional. As you can see, a little more decorating needs to be done outside!



So, we started with this:


And now we have this: (!!!!)


Seriously, so in love with it!

Now, come sit.



Here are a few more informative pictures for those of you who want to take this project on yourselves. Please feel free to email me with any other questions!!

pallet dimensions

As you can see below, the base of the whole couch part (and the ottoman/chaise), is about 3/4 of a pallet. We cut it and supplemented the cut edge with a 2×4. We screwed another 2×4 on each long side of the under side of the base and attached 6 wheels. One on each corner, and two in the middle. This was repeated for the ottoman, too.

We also screwed a 2×4 along the top of the couch for stability and to connect the two back pieces. The back pallets pieces were also cut about 3/4 of the way and supplemented with a 2×4 at the bottom.

We used the bottom 2×4  that is screwed into the two back pieces to attach the back to the base.

The small remainder pieces  from the cut pallets were supplemented with a cut down 2×4 and attached to the sides of the base for armrests and to stabilize the back.

So, basically, The back and the arm rests are all screwed in on top of the base.

IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089



7 thoughts on “Pallet Furniture: Part Tres – Finally Complete!

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  5. This is Gorgeous!

    I had emailed you a list of questions yesterday, but I had one more if it’s not too much trouble.

    What power tools were needed in the making of this beautiful sofa?

    Thanks so much!

    Diana Kelly

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