DIY Painter’s Ladder Shelf


I’m getting out of control with my projects. Just ask Carey. I made this shelf ladder last week and painted it this weekend. I think it came out really cute. I put it in my living room, and slowly but surely, our house is echoing less and less.

I got the plans for this shelf from Ana White. It’s pretty self explanatory.


I forgot to take pictures while in the building process… sorry! P.S. Don’t look at my messy garage/workshop!


 I primed it, painted two coats of paint, and then sanded the edges down really well to get a worn-in look. The paint I used was a custom mixed oops paint from Lowe’s I got for $5.



Then I used Martha Stewart’s Coffee Black glaze on the sanded edges and all over the piece to make it look a little “dirty”.



I did a light white wash with a dry brush and a tiny bit of light grey paint. I used a damp rag to blend it in. Then, I sprayed a thin coat of polyurethane over it and thats it!



One thought on “DIY Painter’s Ladder Shelf

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