Ikea Rast Hack


The ever-so-popular Ikea Rast Hack has been conquered! I went to Houston for work a few months ago and couldn’t pass up the Rast nightstand that is less than $35! I bought two, put them together, and have been staring at the plain, ugly, generic wood for months. I finally decided I was going to paint them. I like them a lot, but I didn’t have a moment. I’m one of those people who have “moments” when I love something either in the store or when I finish a project. Maybe I will paint them again in a few months. Hey! I it’s my prerogative!

I’m obsessed with all things old right now, so that’s the route I chose. I painted the nightstands, then sanded them way down with an electric hand sander, then went over them with stain.

I bought 12 crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby to contrast the old look of the nightstands.


It’s not the best picture due to lighting and I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any pictures during the transformation. I also added a piece of 1/4 inch plywood to the top, with a 1 inch overhang to give it a little more interest.


We re-arranged our bedroom furniture, and although this is the most terrible picture because it doesn’t even show the nightstands and we were still moving pictures and knick knacks… but you get the idea. I’ll take some better ones and post and update later.


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