DIY Hanging Planter


I needed a little help in my backyard and this hanging planter did just the trick. It adds a pop of color on an otherwise bare brick wall. I strayed from the original plans a little bit because I used scrap wood leftover from other projects. You can find the original tutorial here.

First, I cut a 1×3 in half, making the two sides. Then I cut some remaining wood into three equal parts to make the shelves and attaching them equally down. The bottom shelf is flush with the sides.




Then, I added a piece on the front of the shelves to create a little “lip”. I attached all the pieces with wood glue and 1 1/4 inch brads for my nail gun. Next, I drilled a big hole on the top of each side and slipped a little bit of rope through.

Finally, I spray painted the entire piece using Krylon Metallic spray paint and I sealed it using spray polyurethane.

This is a pretty easy project that can easily be adapted for whatever wood you have leftover. Don’t forget your wood glue!

Happy building!

Check out some of my other projects that left me with the scrap wood to build this!

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