Card Catalog Cabinet


I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m a little obsessed with card catalogs. And being that they’re WAY expensive and hard to find, the next best option is to make your own. Now, I’ve been known to go off the deep end a few times, but there’s no way in hell I was going to make a million tiny drawers. Enter: this post. Problem solved! It will be fake drawers. Awesome.

The only things I did differently were I used a different stain(s), I put mine on wheels instead of tapered legs, and I used different types of wood since I had some scraps left over.

Follow her tutorial, as it is step by step.





The stain I originally bought ended up being way too light as you can see. It was Minwax Ipswich Pine. Thankfully, I had some Minwax Espresso left over from another project and went over the light stain. It ended up giving the pieces a slight color difference which I happened to love! The lighter pieces have the light stain with the dark stain over it and the darker pieces have just the dark stain.


I think the color difference makes the piece look a little more authentic.


After the last few drawer pulls and wheels, it came together so well!

Make sure to check out the entire tutorial here!


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