A brief history


I was born in New Orleans. Well, almost New Orleans. By the age of four my family and I had moved to Baton Rouge and by twelve my parents had divorced and my brother and I were attending private Catholic school.  By  the time I had graduated high school, I was sure I knew how my life was going to go. College, job, marriage, baby, etc. I had it all figured out. NOT.

I started LSU in the fall of 2006. Let me begin by saying I did pretty well in high school. College on the other hand, well, I had other priorities. I partied my way around college for four years with nothing to show for it. By then, my family was highly irritated with me and insisted I do something with myself. Let’s just say I had A LOT of fun in college. Probably way too much if you ask my mom.

That’s when I discovered ultrasound. I applied to ultrasound school, buckled down, and finished with flying colors. I am now a double registered full body sonographer (cardiac, vascular, OB/GYN, general, etc) with a knack for making things. I currently live in beautiful Youngsville, Louisiana, right next door to Lafayette, with my wonderful boyfriend, Carey, and my sweet fur baby named Burt.

I enjoy all things Pinterest: cooking, baking, making, thrifting, and eating. I tend to “wing” most things with a face that will make you believe I know exactly what I’m doing. Truthfully, I usually have no clue. A gift I suppose.

Either way, I hope you enjoy my “winged” projects, recipes, and ideas. I’ll let you know how they come out!


My sweet baby Burt


The loves of my life


Carey and I doing what we do best, appreciating the complexity of a delicious margarita



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