DIY Photo Backdrop


Photo booths are all the rage right now. I decided that I wanted to take part in the fun as well for a recent anniversary party that we had at my house. I made this super easy and cheap photo backdrop and stuck it in the backyard with a bucket full of fun props and accessories.

I referred to this tutorial which was super easy to follow, to make mine. I cut mine a little bit shorter to fit the fabric I chose, and I spray painted the legs gold since the fabric didn’t extend to the bottom. I used a $4 hack saw to cut the PVC pipes.

This polka dot fabric was super cute and I can totally re use it for some other super cute project later.

I attached my fabric with clear packing tape so I can switch it out if I want to use my PVC pipe photo back drop for a different themed party. How awesome is that?

You could make this fit ANY theme you want!


I made a banner using this method, which is also super easy and I already had all the supplies. I taped the twine to the corners of the photo backdrop also using clear packing tape.


We staked it to the ground so the wind wouldn’t blow it away!



Don’t forget your bucket full of props and a hashtag!


Here are the Guests of Honor, Brem and Dip, on their 54th wedding anniversary… along with lots of extra hair and sass.

Check out this other photo backdrop we made for my friend’s baby shower here.


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